Whereabouts Unknown List

The Whereabouts Unknown List (WAU) was made for the purpose of listing the individuals that are required to update their information and home address. Once their address is updated, their Individiual Indian Money (IIM) account will be made available to them and will be eligible to participate in the Land Buy-Back Program. So help us find anyone you may know by clicking on the link below. Listed is also the Trust Beneficiary Call Center for your information. Call this number if you find your name, or know someone who is on the WAU list.  


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Trust Beneficiary Call Center








Are you on the WAU list?

We have already visited many communities in the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and met with many individuals who have read and seen the names on the WAU list. We also found over 100 listed individuals that were on the WAU list during these community meetings. 


If you or anyone you know that is listed on the WAU list, please contact them immediately. Have them call the Trust Beneficiary Call Center so they could update their information. 


Currently, there are over 6000 names listed on the WAU list for the Pine Ridge Agency alone. Our program is trying their best to locate as much individuals as possible. 


Most importantly, the moment the Offer Packets are sent out - each individual already on the list will have 5 years to update their information.